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Man at Work My assistant and good friend Carlos Cardozo working hard in the desert for a recent family shoot.  Love his face here 

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Free Family Portrait Day at The Shade Tree My amazing team of photographic volunteers.  We had a great day photographing children and families for the holidays. 

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RAW ARTISTS interview My interview from my RAW ARTISTS showcase from this past summer.

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Behind the Scenes: The Dapper Echelon

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1Slice1Smile 1SLICE1SMILE1SLICE1SMILE1SLICE1SMILE is a non-profit organization that buys 160 slices od smiles in the form of pizza and water for our hungry brothers and sisters in Las Vegas. They go out the last wednesday of every month and they don't ask for member's but they except volunteers.

The Law ManThe Law ManMeet Lawrence. Genius struck a little over a year ago when he was eating pizza with some friends. He thought about how inexpensive a slice of pizza is and the joy that goes into consuming it. Working with just a few friends and family he ventured out to his first 1SLICE1SMILE and over 13 months later they have built a solid following amongst the community. Sanitizer; Locked and LoadedSanitizer; Locked and LoadedThe first step of the day is giving our homeless brothers and sisters hand sanitizer as everyone begins to line up. The GiverThe GiverA man humbly accepts his slice of pizza and water. HydrationHydrationWith the heat in Vegas, it is important to stay hydrated. Little ManLittle ManThis 8 year old has been with the 1SLICE1SMILE crew since the first one. One day he will probably be the one running the show. The GiverThe GiverKim has been with 1SLICE1SMILE crew since the beginning as well. This is a welcomed changed from her nightlife security job. The Joy of GivingThe Joy of GivingThe smiles are not just from the recipients, but from the crew as well. People get a lot of joy from giving. DinnerDinnerThis man made sure that everyone in his area had a slice of pizza, even bringing a slice for a friend who can't walk well around the corner before getting his own. Location Number 2Location Number 2Happy customer at location #2. ThanksgivingThanksgivingThis man repeatedly gave thanks to the workers, he told them it has been a few days since he has eaten a real meal. Point of ViewPoint of ViewThis image is from the point of view of the recipients of 1SLICE1SMILE's generosity. Full BellyFull BellyAfter having a few slices of pizza, he was happy to pose for a portrait. The 1SLICE1SMILE CrewThe 1SLICE1SMILE CrewThe 1SLICE1SMILE Crew all have huge hearts and amazing spirits, in this day in age it is good to know that there are still people out there giving unselfishly.

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Souls of Las Vegas, The Homeless I headed downtown this week to photograph the homeless and it didn't take to long to find some characters.  From a man selling himself as a "Slightly-Used Hobo" to a sweet women just trying to survive the day...another deposit in my on going "Souls of Las Vegas" series.  



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A couple shots from recent shoot with singer/songwriter Serena Kiddy

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Tattoo Series This week I invited some friends over to photograph their tattoos and the meaning behind them. 

I have known Roberto for a few years now; we have worked together at a Vegas nightclub and played in the same fantasy football league together.  He recently married his girlfriend Sarah and is expecting his second child, a little girl, at the end of May.  Her name will be Desiree Star.  He also has a 13 year old boy named Dominick Jersey; hence the state of New Jersey tattooed after his name.  "They are the #1 reminder that keeps me clean, sober and strong...9 1/2 years so far.  Without them I do not know where I'd be; maybe 6ft deep under ground or behind bars somewhere."  







These guys have been together for 10 years and married for the past 5.  One day Sam asked Corey how much he loves her and he responded "To Infinity and Beyond"  They have a really deep love for one another and wanted something they could always see; not just a ring that they could take off if they were upset with one another.





"I was told by a friend that my first tattoo didn't have to mean anything. It happened be shark week  and we had a buddy doing $50 shark now I have a shark with a French mustache on my arm."- Matt

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Shot of the Day, Lazy Sunday "Lazy Sunday"

My wife's co-workers invited us to a barbeque at their neighborhood park.  It was a beautiful day, great food, and good company.

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Shot of the Day, Cabin Trip, Porch Pan "Porch Pan"

This was our view from our master bedroom's porch. 

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Shot of the Day, Cabin Trip, My Lil Snow Man "My Lil Snow Man"

A shot of my lil guy Adam getting dressed to go help

me and his sister build a snow man while my wife attempted to learn to snowboard. 

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Shot of the Day, Cabin Trip, Tubing "Tubing"

Had to get the kids out to have some fun.  After a rough start to the weekend, we had a great time tubing for the day.  My daughter especially.

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Shot of the Day, Cabin Trip, Building Blocks "Building Blocks"

The cabin was a combination of three families, 4 serious couples, and 5 singles.  This little guy's name is Bannon.  He just turned two and I happened to catch him while he was in the zone building with his Legos. The cabin had this gigantic two story wall of windows which brought in beautiful light throughout the cabin.


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Souls of Las Vegas, Biker Dude "Biker Dude"

I thought I was finished shooting for the day at the RTC Bonneville Bus Station; but I was walking in the cross walk to get back to my truck when I met a character on a bicycle.  So I am in the middle of the street with traffic going both ways taking this picture.


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Souls of Las Vegas, Patiently Waiting "Patiently Waiting"

This guy walked passed me earlier when I first arrived at the station, he looked like such a character.  I ran back into him as his was waiting for his bus to arrive.

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Souls of Las Vegas, Organized Chaos "Organized Chaos"

After photographing the driver his buddy actually asked me to take his portrait so of course I did.  I asked him what his job was and he answered simply " I organize the chaos."

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Souls of Las Vegas, Driver "Driver"

I photographed this guy while he was on break...we talked a bit, it turns out that we had two things in common.  We are both biracial and we are part of a small group of people who actually are born and raised in Las Vegas, NV.

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Souls of Las Vegas, CAT Station "Waiting Shift"

After getting kicked out of the Greyhound Bus Station, I headed down to the RTC Bonneville Bus Station.  There I met a good mix of employees, drivers, and passengers.  I saw a driver waiting for her shift to begin; I thought that her hiding amongst the mix of the reflections off the window's glass made for an interesting composition.

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Souls of Las Vegas, Greyhound Station "Purgatory"

Greyhound Bus Station

This week I am tackling the Las Vegas public transportation system.  I decided to start at the Greyhound Bus Station.  I walk in an immediately see a older gentleman looking for his terminal; I made sure to use my rule of thirds and framed him amongst the terminal 3 doorway.  I was only able to get this one shot off before security came up and escorted me out of the building.  

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